Rental Beds

We have 38 beds and all are in full use, we welcome all our new renters and wish you a happy gardening year with us!

Woopi Gardens have been established to bring the community together. We believe that everyone should have open spaces, fresh food and good company in their lives
The gardens have been in the making for some time but became a reality early in 2016. Communal garden beds have been created and trees planted. The place has come alive!

We are now in a position to offer the opportunity for families, individuals or groups to hire their own garden bed and join us in creating a beautiful, sustainable and productive garden.
Whether you have limited space at home to grow veggies, or just want to be part of a wonderful community project, now is a great time to secure your bit of Woopi Gardens.

You can grow your own garden bed for just $60 per year ($45 concession). For this price you get a 3m x 1.2 m timber edged garden full of all the ingredients you need to grow your own veggies and flowers.

You will need to join the community gardens, follow all membership requirements with a yearly payment of only $5 – $15. Rental membership gives you access to the garden’s tools, water and materials to make your garden a success. All you need to do is plant it out and help your young seedlings grow into fresh produce.

Why not personalise your garden with signs, handmade sculptures, or children’s art?

Being a member also gives you access to training days, community events and a place to share ideas and produce.

To apply for a rented garden plot, join up to the garden, put your name on the waiting list and get ready to plant and decorate your garden.

Rental Bed Agreement 2019